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Quingo Flyte Mobility Scooter With MK2 Self Loading Ramp

Quingo Flyte Mobility Scooter With MK2 Self Loading Ramp


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The Quingo Flyte MK2 mobility scooter is an innovative solution for individuals seeking independence and convenience in their daily lives. Its unique self-loading docking station, compatible with a wide range of vehicles, allows for effortless loading and unloading within minutes, eliminating the need for additional equipment or assistance.

Equipped with patented 5-wheel stability technology, the Quingo Flyte MK2 provides unparalleled safety and balance, while its agile maneuverability ensures ease of use in tight spaces and busy environments. The scooter's adjustable seat, ergonomic design, and smooth suspension system deliver exceptional comfort for users of all heights and weights.

Additionally, the Quingo Flyte MK2 boasts a robust battery life, ensuring hours of uninterrupted use, and its compact design ensures hassle-free storage when not in use. Experience a new level of freedom, independence, and confidence with the Quingo Flyte MK2 – the ultimate self-loading mobility scooter that transforms the way you travel.


  • Type – 5 Wheel PMV*
  • Class – EN 12184 class B
  • Intended Use – Pavement
  • Maximum Speed – 4mph/6.4kph
  • Carrying Capacity – 350lbs/159kg/25st
  • Electric Motor – 250 Watt
  • Maximum Range – 23 miles**
  • Battery Configuration – 4 x 22Ah
  • Maximum With Range Extender – 34 miles***
  • Battery Configuration – 6 x 22Ah
  • Curb Climbing – Max 3″/7.5cm

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