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SmartScoot Wheeled Travel Bag A3113

SmartScoot Wheeled Travel Bag A3113


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Designed to transport and store your SmartScoot, this three wheeled bag is made out of 600D Polyester and is water resistant.  It has 6 exterior handles, a side zip pouch and 2 internal buckles with adjustable straps to secure the scooter in place.  The top of the bag has a removable polyethylene board included to provide rigidity to the structure.

PLEASE NOTE:  this bag was designed for local travel and storage.  When traveling by airplane, we highly recommend you ride your scooter down the jet bridge and up to the airplane door.  You should be asked to remove your battery and carry it with you on board.  Lower your steering column and fold down your backrest.  The airline staff will then carry your scooter down to the cargo section of the plane.  If you do this, your scooter is subject to less damage than placing it into a bag and checking it.

  • Dimensions: 40″ x 22″ x 17
  • Weight:  6 lbs.