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ComfyGo Z-4 Ultra-Light Electric Mobility Scooter With Quick-Detach Frame

ComfyGo Z-4 Ultra-Light Electric Mobility Scooter With Quick-Detach Frame


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ComfyGO Z-4

Introducing the Z-4, a highly portable and versatile mobility solution designed for your convenience. With its quick-detach frame, the heaviest piece weighs just 30 lbs, making it easy to disassemble or reassemble in under 30 seconds. The compact design ensures a perfect fit even in smaller trunks.

Equipped with a powerful silent motor, the Z-4 can effortlessly climb ramps with inclines up to 10 degrees. Enjoy added durability with the indestructible easy-remove front basket, and customize your storage options with an optional rear basket. Experience unparalleled convenience and performance with the Z-4 mobility scooter.




User's Manual & Warranty


  • Does my scooter arrive fully assembled?
  • Your scooter will arrive almost fully assembled. When your scooter arrives, you'll need to attach the remaining parts.

  • Can my scooter go on an airplane or cruise?
  • Yes. The 12AH (288WH) lithium-ion battery is travel approved by most major airlines and cruise lines. Before travelling by airline or cruise, please contact the airline or cruise line to confirm their travel battery regulations.

  • I’ve run out of battery. Can I push my scooter?
  • Yes. The Z-4 scooter can operate without battery. To do so, make sure the power is off, then disengage motor by pulling the levers on the motor to the unlocked position. Doing this will set your scooter to free wheel mode.

  • Does the armrest raise?
  • Yes. Both armrests can raise to allow an easier exchange or to make it easier to push you scooter closer to a table

  • How do I charge the battery?
  • The lithium-ion battery can be charged through directly on the battery. The charge time for an empty battery is 6-8 hours. If your battery has a partial charge, the charge time will be less. When the battery is fully charged, unplug the charger from the battery and unplug it from the power outlet.

  • Does my scooter come with a warranty?
  • Yes, The Z-4 scooter comes with a standard 3-year frame, 1-year motor, 1-year battery, and 1-year electronic parts warranty.

  • Can I use my scooter on dirt and grass?
  • Yes. The Z-4 can traverse low grass and compacted dirt with ease.

  • Where can I find the serial number of my scooter?
  • The serial number can be found in three places, on the frame near the footrest, in the product manual, and on the box the wheelchair was shipped in.

  • How do I register my product?
  • To register your product, simply click here